Pre-Arbonne Detox

April 30, 2012

Alright so I never pretend to have enough time for anything…so starting another blog about anything seems absurd.

Nevertheless I am here.

Monday night we are having a pre-detox party to get pumped up about our detox. I have always thought that the best way to make sure you are doing something consistently is to have someone to keep you accountable. So this will be a testimony of how Carla and I are doing in the process.

Wish us luck and keep us straight.


The Truth About Train Tracks.

February 26, 2010

It’s always amazing to me how easy it is to slip your focus from the Glory of the Lord to things.

It reminds me of when my wife and I are in a discussion and I (she) has to pause the show I am watching so that I can complete the discussion. I realize more and more that in life, the REAL reason I lose focus on the Cross is that I don’t want to pause life. I am afraid of missing something.

Am I that important?? Do I rule over a small kingdom and no one really knows about it?

So how to rid myself of the horrid habit? Prayer…

The thing that seems so easy, but is so hard at the same time. To just sit and meditate on the Glory of Christ and his scarifice for all is the most helpful thing that I have found…now to just do it!

I am everything and nothing all at once with the Lord…

(I feel so emergent right now…)

Death To Performance!

February 10, 2010

Growing Up without a Cross-centered Prospective.

Success is a false indication of God’s love.  Just because God in his sovereignty has called you to suffer does not mean that God hates you.  (Scott Thomas)

Success is not the goal; exalting Jesus is.  (Scott Thomas)

We have, over time, dissolved the Christian walk into some sort of journey that is to self-indulge and we feel as if we are the ones to be glorified in this journey. How can we be so egotistical? To think that the God of Jacob, David, Jeremiah, and Moses could be just a figure in the corner of the wonderful life of you.

Driving back from the Honesty Conference in Franklin, TN it was hard not to think about how selfish we the children of God are. In the sense of being so self-centered in our Monotheist world. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, “to bite the hand that feeds you” or even to bite the hand that gives you breathe, life, love, passion, grace, mercy, love, peace, compassion, reason, and most of all meaning! Where did this strange journey veer off the path of righteousness? The easiest answer and most Sunday School-ish answer would be, of course, The Fall of Man. We all know that the Fall of Man is the central origin for all of sin and the braking of communion with God.

The question I truly want to ask is:

Where did our view of what we can do for God become What can we do? With out even having God in the picture. Just as we would ask our father for forgiveness instead of permission.

I want to be real sometimes. I know that seems like a very loaded, vague statement but, I want to be so honest with who I am and who Christ is that it’s clear to everyone who and what He is. In Paul’s life it was very plain to see the different between Paul, the scale removed believer, and Saul, the murderer of Christians. Besides the obvious, Paul was straight forward and honest with his brothers and the body of believers that he spoke with and wrote to. So, What’s the difference between Paul and me? How can I be more honest with myself and Christ. Prayer. Prayer. Prayer.

Please Pray that Christ is the central entity of my being. Know that I am a failure outside of Him and can do nothing by my merit alone.